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  Membership member information (English)
 작성자 : 최고관리자
작성일 : 2016-08-26     조회 : 1,795  
 관련링크 :  http://blog.naver.com/dbgn0205/220824258372 [348]

- Regular closing day second Friday of every month.

- Membership Members will be available once the spa, gym, swimming pool.

 <Membership product = Spa+Swimming pool+Gym>

 1 month in  8 times      55,000 won

 1 month in  15 times      80,000 won

 2 month in  30 times    140,000 won

 3 month in  45 times    205,000 won

 4 month in  90 times    400,000 won

 6 month in 270 times    980,000 won

 7 month in 360 times  1,300,000 won

- You can get to gym and swimming pool through the spa pool.

- If you use the prizes twice a day will deducted twice.

< Swimming pool operating hour >
 weekday : 5:30 am ~ 10 pm
weekend & holiday : 7 am ~ 8 pm

- You must wear your swimming hat, goggles, and swimming suit.

- Change out of your swimming suit in the changing room.

< Gym operating hour >
weekday : 6 am ~ 11 pm
weekend & holiday : 6 am ~ 9 pm

 - If you must use a number of times in the period and the end of he term will disappear remaining number of times.

 - The prize will be deducted each time when you use each pool.

 - Period can not be put off.

 - membership card only you can use and not transferable.

 - You can scan the membership card on self check in machine and receive the entering tickets which contain numbers for the
    shoes and cloth locker.

- ticket is listed on the validity and the remaining number of times.

​- Go upstair for men and Left side of the counter for woman.

​- Put your shoes in the locker that matches the number on entering ticket and use the shoes locker key for clothes locker.

​- You can pick up provided clothes at the pool counter sand use your own shoes.

​- Gym users should change your sportswear before entering gym.

- Sportswear is provided in the spa.

​- Please ask a key for shoes locker at the counter, renting locker requires 10,000 won for deposit.

- The shoes locker located inside of the Gym.

​- Deposit will return if the key returned back in 15 days of duration of your membership finished.

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